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Cassette to CD


We can convert any:
Cassette Tape

You will receive 2 tracks on CD. 1 track for each side.

The above price is per Cassette transferred.

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Product Description

Postage costs will also be incurred if you will post to us and we need to post back to you.

Collection & Delivery of tapes/DVDs is available in Llanelli for an additional £3.00 charge.

While we try to transfer  your tapes within 7 working days, there are some occasions where we may take longer. We will always notify you if this happens.

Our 7 days target takes place from the moment we receive your tapes. If you have posted them to us we will let you know when we receive them.

If you have a tape that needs to be done by a deadline, as a rush job, an extra charge of £10 per tape may be incurred.


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